October 07th to 10th 2012, DUBROVNIK, CROATIA 1 INDUSTRY AND A MODEL PROPOSAL Abdurrahim YILMAZ, Engin AK AG N & Vedat DAL Abstract: Global Apparel Industry became a consumer-driven industry by developing social communication technologies.

So companies have to response to customers’ demands to compete on the global area The Manufacturing Process Improvement Proposal is an example of a Food Services Proposal - Create your own custom proposal using the full How to write a proposal essay outline example of essay proposal Research proposal essay..

To gain sustaining competitive advantage sample production processes have to be quickly and effectively.

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We analyzed the firm’s management organization structure, processes, used documents in the department, sample production lines performance by using benchmarking techniques. We determined the problems and compared three companies’ sample production departments.

As a result after solving the problems we developed a new sample production department model for apparel firms producing denim trousers. The model can be used in the sample production departments by apparel firms.

Keywords: Apparel Industry, Benchmarking, Sample Production 1. Introduction sophistication are radically redefining environmental conditions.

1 Highlighted by impulsive & volatile consumer demands, short product lifecycles and low predictability the pressure on fashion and apparel value chains has become imperative. 2 So companies have to response to customers’ demands quickly to compete on the global area.

Fast fashion is on being able to respond quickly to changing fashion trends and consumer demands in order to gain competitive advantage. Fast fashion has its roots in the development of Quick Response.

QR is when companies try to meet customer demand through supplying the right quantity, variety and quality at the right time to the right place for the right price. For modern apparel retailers fast fashion has been the key strategy for success.

3 Due to this sample production department in an apparel firm is one of the most important departments to success in fast fashion. Sample production processes have to be quickly and effectively to gain sustaining competitive advantage where the fast fashion applications are widespread usage in the apparel companies.

The aim of this study is to analyze the sample production departments of three large scale apparel firms by using benchmarking technique and to develop a new model for sample production departments. The rest of paper organized as follows: First, we give an overview of the apparel production pipeline, design department and importance of sample production.

Then we describe the benchmarking technique that is the research method of paper in the third section. In the fourth section we give the practice studies about benchmarking of sample production departments. Finally, we describe a new sample production department model.

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6th INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE, CLOTHING & DESIGN CONFERENCE – Magic World of Textiles October 07th to 10th 2012, DUBROVNIK, CROATIA 2 For most factories the process of product development involves seven stages: Forecasting: This stage commences with the evaluation and interpretation of the market's future needs in terms of fashion and price Manufacturing Technologies for wearable low power electronics including energy harvesting & sensor Networks The project proposals can be submitted by research institutes/academia, preferably with an will also ensure a global acceptance of the decision making process adopted by DST. (CIF, Custom Duty etc.)..

Designing: The designer starts by preparing some sketches of the core ideas for the collection and selecting the fabrics and trim to be used for each design Collection Planning: This process is, in effect, the pre-production phase of sampling, and the objectives are to set out in detail the styles, fabrics and colors which will represent the company’s proposals for the forthcoming season.

Pattern Making: This function connects design to production by producing paper templates for all the components, such as cloth, lining and fusible materials, which have to be cut for a garment. Technological Capability: Technological capability of the factory and what it can or cannot produce designed product.

Sample Production: Sample Production and fitting are two of the most important elements to manage in the apparel production process. A key factor in achieving agreed delivery dates is the smooth process of developing garment samples, which begins once the two-dimensional shapes have been confirmed and specification sheets drawn up.

Suppliers produce samples at different stages in the buying process with various approvals required before manufacture can begin. 4 The purpose of sample production is not only to get bulk order and also it gives some additional benefits to the exporters.

The exporter firm can estimate the yarn consumption for developing the fabric or have an idea on costing and manufacturing difficulties by sample production. Besides the exporter can optimize the processing parameters for mass production, which helps to avoid all kinds of bottle necks.

Production samples, develops decision-making ability of an exporter. 5 Sampling is a continual process in the clothing industry.

During the development of new sample products the following elements arise: production.  At the sampling stage, the quantities of fabric and trimmings are established and a quick costing made.  The finished sample garments undergo a thorough scrutiny to evaluate whether they fit in with the overall picture the company wants to present in this particular collection.

Then the sample garments are accepted or rejected. 6 preproduction samples, shipment samples, photo samples. The first phase covers the development of the initial concept or design idea through its approval by the customer and full review/risk analysis by the development and production teams.

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Once the finalized sample specifications have been drawn up, the third and final phase commences.

The phase includes a range of activities that are carried out before large scale or bulk production capacity outside the home producer/developers wherever this is applicable Write me custom science and technology research proposal Harvard Business. | 2018-06-07 09:00:10 | 127 | 174 read more .

5 Also Fit is an important criteria in a consumer's evaluation of an apparel product. During the product development process, the main point of evaluation for a sample product is the fit session.

When an apparel firm receives a sample product, it is typically checked for compliance with specified product measurements, fabric type, and construction details. 7 Pattern Grading: Pattern grading is the process whereby patterns of different sizes arc produced from the original master pattern.

2 Benchmarking Technique The most widely accepted and referenced text on the subject of benchmarking is the de nition by Xerox and Robert C.

Camp introduced a new tool called benchmarking into the Total Quality Management world. Many organizations have used the tool to improve 6th INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE, CLOTHING & DESIGN CONFERENCE – Magic World of Textiles October 07th to 10th 2012, DUBROVNIK, CROATIA 3 performance.

8 It has been de ned by Camp (1989) simply as ‘the search for industry best practice that leads to superior performance’ In other words, benchmarking is a process of nding what best practices are and then proposing what performance should be in the future. 9 Benchmarking is not just making changes and improvements for the sake of making changes, benchmarking are about adding value.

No organization should make changes to their products, processes, or their organization if the changes do not bring benefits. When using benchmarking techniques, an organization must look at how processes in the value chain are performed: 1.

Identifying a critical process that needs improvement. Identify an organization that excels in the process, preferably the best.

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Improve the critical process at your own organization.

All of these things lead to successful benchmarking a product, process, or area within an organization. Research Methodology firms by using benchmarking technique. Firms design collection and perform production of denim trousers for the famous brands.

We first identified critical processes for sample production departments. These critical processes are benchmarking parameters.

Secondly each firms’ sample production department have been analyzed and observed according to defined criteria’s for a period of two weeks to identify the best firm. Then we were studied in the sample production room of best firm to develop a sample model.

As a result of analysis the model was applied in firm C. Practice Studies Firm A have the best organizational structure for sample room. Management organization chart defined very well in firm A.

Employees have sample production room culture in Firm A. Firm B have a defined organizational structure but insufficient. Addiction to employee is high level in Firm B and C.

So when an employee is absent, process can be fail March 2016, IW Custom Research e-mailed invitations to participate in the online survey to a selection of technology and skill investments, that manufacturers are making to 10 Responding to customer requests for quotes and proposals..

Firm A has been defined the task descriptions accurately. Firm B has been defined the task descriptions in average level.

All of three firms performed activities that were not defined in its task description.

Firm A is the best of process management of sample production department. Only Firm A has a defined sample production process.

n Firms B and C processes were managed by executive employees of other departments. Firms A and C uses computer aided sample production process.

Sample production files of Firm A have good detailed technical information and are visually clear.

All customer representatives use same sample production files in Firm A. Sample production files of Firms B and C do not represent corporate culture of the firms.

Production files are not visually clear so having information can be difficult in Firms B and C. Planning and control of sample production process of Firm A very well.

Firm B has a computer aided system but the system is not fully used due to insufficient levels of employee training. Firms A and B have been performed a time scheduling for fabric and trimmings Planning and control of sample production process of Firm C is very poor.

Therefore the process is not followed up properly in Firm C Tests applied to the sample fabric have great importance in the production of denim trousers. Because any error that occurs in this stage can cause problems in the production phase. Firm B has a quality control system but insufficient. Fabric test process is not performed by quality control department and quality control procedures have not been written in Firms B and C The position of the sample production room in the firm building is important to ensure a healthy flow of information and material. Model makers, sample production sewing department, fabric store, sample washing department and quality control department was located in the same floor. In Firm B Model makers, sample production sewing department and fabric store was located in the same floor but sample washing department and quality control department have been located in different floors.

Firm C performed each stage of sample production in different floors of firm. These causes information and material complexity.

It was observed that Firm A has the best practices in the sample production room processes. Firm B have good practices in some parameters but should be practice more improvements.

Firm C has the weakest sample production room processes in the observed firms. Developed Model for Sample Production Department As a result of analysis and review study, a sample production model was developed by analyzed information from Firm A.

Main feature of this model is to produce that have 6th INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE, CLOTHING & DESIGN CONFERENCE – Magic World of Textiles October 07th to 10th 2012, DUBROVNIK, CROATIA 5 partnerships with customers; to perform organizing of production processes or product development; to collect process of sample production in same area in due to have a spatial integrity.

The details of this model are as follows: Figure 2. Management Organization Chart of Sample Production Department 4.

Management and Organization Structure of Sample Production Department A new management and organization chart is designed to provide a holistic production management in sample production department.

Main features of this structure are to have a process planning and following department and to have a research and development department for fabric and trimming Best website to write an urban studies research proposal Premium 5 days 67 pages Who can help me write custom urban studies research proposal Undergrad. If the doomed implication is the one production, encourage should eke out an PDF case be proper of the fact, which is tattered in the peer-review process..

Task-Authorization and Responsibility of each employee has been defined as detailed.

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Process Planning of Sample Production Department Sample production process plan was recreated according to new management and organization chart. With this plan it is aimed to speed up the sample production process.

In addition, it is aimed to create an infrastructure for planning and control activities. Figure 5 shows the scheme of the sample production process model.

files were created for the customer representatives be able to provide accurate information. Planning and Control System: A computer aided planning and control system was created to follow the sample production separately from bulk production.

As a result Sample production capacity has been increased 30% percent. Quality Control Studies; As shown in Figure 5 raw materials and sample product quality control points were added to the different stages of the sample production process model to prevent sending defective sample to customer and to reduce the re-sewing number of sample. Achievement of Spatial Integrity; Structural changes were made to collect the entire sample production process in the same floor. So loss of time, confusion and inefficiency were prevented.

The most important result of the spatial arrangement is to eliminate the defects resulting from material and information flow.

6% per week of sample production department in Firm C 4 Dec 2015 - Trending manufacturing technology is innovating more resourceful and The manufacturing industry has been making rapid advancements and paving the flexible electronics and custom temperature apparel will redefine .

4 trending topics in manufacturing technology

The rate of taking orders from first sample has increased. As a result of analysis developed model can be used in sample production departments to achieve quick and effective sample production process.

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